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U-Joint Couplings



Universal joints or u-joints are a type of coupling. They are usually used to connect two rods in the driveshaft. U-joints allow the transmission of rotary movement from the engine to the wheels. U-joints allow for the misalignment of different parts of the car without disrupting the transmission of motive power.

U-joints provide a smooth transmission of power from the gearbox to the differential.

U-joint components:


Most U-joints used in rear wheel drive vehicles are “Cardan” joints. These joints consist of four bearing caps that let a “cross” articulate movement between two rotating rods of the driveshaft.

ETMA’s u-joints are made for different applications and used in several types of vehicles that range from cars, vans, trucks and semis to agricultural and road machinery. Their most common use is for mechanical power transmission, but they are also used to transmit movement in steering mechanisms, gearboxes and others.

 In ETMA’s diverse offer of products, the LXV series stands out. These u-joints are pre-lubricated with special long life grease that eliminates the need for re-lubrication. No need to ever grease them!

ETMA’s products are manufactured under the same quality standards as those of OE (Original Equipment). In fact, many of ETMA’s products are used as OEM parts by prestigious companies.

ETMA’s u-joints are produced from specially selected steels. These steels undergo a thoroughly controlled heat treatment (HT) process in ETMA’s own Heat Treatment Division.

The achieved steel microstructure conferred on our products by the HT provides a, hard, wear-resistant outer surface. The core remains soft and tough and thus resistant to cut and torsion stresses.

Original equipment can be replaced by ETMA’s aftermarket equivalents without compromising quality or durability.

ETMA simplifies and reduces equipment maintenance!