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Tripod Joints

Tripod joints are used at the inboard end of car driveshafts, they allow for power transmission to the wheels even in case of angle shifting.

Tripod Joints provide a smooth transmission of power from the differential to the wheels. 

Tripod Joint components:


Standard and High Joint Angle (oblong trunnion) Tripod Joints are used in most front wheel drive vehicles. They consist of three ball cases (bearings) that surround the trunnions of a central body (spider) allowing the articulation and transmission of power in the side shaft.

ETMA’s Tripods are made for all types of vehicles (car, vans, SUVs, and others).

ETMA’s High Joint Angle tripods allow a smooth transmission of movement at a steeper angle of work.

 ETMA’s products are manufactured under the same quality standards as those of OE (Original Equipment). Many of ETMA’s products are used as OEM parts by other prestigious companies.

ETMA’s Tripod Joints are produced from specially selected steels. These steels undergo a thoroughly controlled heat treatment (HT) process in ETMA’s own Heat Treatment Division.

The achieved steel microstructure conferred on our products by the HT provides a, hard, wear-resistant outer surface. The core remains soft and tough and thus resistant to cut and torsion stresses.

Original equipment can be replaced by ETMA’s aftermarket equivalents without compromising quality or durability.

 ETMA simplifies and reduces equipment maintenance!