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In 1967, Osvaldo Acastello, together with a young group of people with broad experience in the metallurgical industry, joined efforts and embarked on a pioneering manufacturing project. Their idea was to mass produce parts for Cardan joints.

ETMA, or The Argentinean Techno-Metallurgical Establishment, was thus born.

They invested in a 3.260 m2 (almost one Acre) piece of land to get started. They built two warehouses, one for machining and management, and a smaller one, for cementation furnaces and forging. The original plant totaled 400 m2 (4300 square feet) of floor area. The technology used was ingeniously developed by these pioneers. Machines were designed and crafted by ETMA’s society members. 



Today ETMA covers 2500 m2 (2/3 of an Acre) of floor area and has its own Heat Treatment Plant in Rafaela´s Industrial Park.

We manufacture Universal Joints and Tripods but we also build complete Universal Joints (Yokes included). We have a wide range of models for several product lines:

Light line (Cars), Medium line (Vans and SUVs), Heavy line (Trucks, Semis and Buses), Agricultural line (Implements), Road line (Machinery) and a Steering joints line.

Nowadays ETMA competes in the most demanding of markets around the globe. ETMA enables its clients to exceedingly fulfill their needs, with the most complete line of products in Argentina’s domestic market. We also manufacture special joints (upon request), either with our own designs or from our clients’ specifications.

We are suppliers of the Argentinean domestic market through a wide range of wholesalers, and we’ve also been exporting our products for the last 30 years.

Our products are retailed using three brands: ETMA, TOLEDO and 500 MILLAS. All of them known in the market for their unquestionable quality.

These years of experience and continued market expansion are due to both the tenacity and conviction of ETMA’s founder and to the quick and effective response to our clients’ shifting demands - only made possible by the qualified team effort of ETMA´s employees.

ETMA, the quality of a Nation.  Quality made by Argentineans.


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