U-Joints Tripods

U-Joint Couplings


ISO 9001


The ETMA Quality Management System was developed in accordance with the ISO 9001 norm requirements. The Universal Joint, the U-Joint cross and the tripod joint manufacturing and marketing procedures are under strict compliance with the norm. Our Heat Treatment Division customer, and business to business, services also comply with this norm. 

In regards to our quality policy, ETMA has a strategic objective, namely, the constant overcoming of quality standards. Offering products with superior quality and assured durability to our clients.


The fundamental axes that support our quality policy under the ISO 9001 normative are:

  • Full customer satisfaction
  • Constant analysis of productivity parameters and deviations. Minimizing rework and scrap material
  • Constant process revision, assuring continuous improvements 
  • Permanent update of our product line in order to satisfy shifting market demands
  • Training of all company staff 
  • Guaranteeing a safe, organized and pleasant working atmosphere, in harmony with the environment   
  • Promoting team work and communication by setting group objectives.
  • Achieving respectful and cordial human relations within the company.



Our motto is: 

“We are all clients and suppliers in the process

of strengthening our company.

We are setting market standards in product quality and

achieving excellence in the services we provide”